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Why Curse the Clouds for Rains?

Construct a Suvarna Krishi Honda.
Store water when it rains. Use it when needed. Rejuvenate ground water.


Suvarna Krishi Honda for Rejuvenating Ground Water

Karnataka is predominantly an agrarian State. 80% of the area depends upon the monsoon for agriculture. Quite often even the meagre water from the unpredictable rains just drains away. People resort to digging bore wells indiscriminately resulting in the gradual depletion of the water table.

If the rain water is prevented from draining away and stored
properly, the ground water table gets recharged and the crops can get adequate water during critical conditions. Government of Karnataka has initiated, as a part of the Suvarna Karnataka Year celebrations, an ambitious programme to encourage the SC 1 ST and small and marginal farmers, who are solely dependent on agriculture, to construct a Suvarna Krishi Honda by providing a maximum subsidy of Rs.9800 per unit.


Recharge and rejuvenate ground water table

Mitigate drought situations

Provide water to people and animals during drought situations

Improve farmers' economic conditions by encouraging agricultural productivity


Scope Krishi Honda Dimensions and Cost

5692 village panchayats in 745 blocks coming under 176 taluks of the 27 districts of Karnataka have been brought under the purview of this scheme.

Krishi honda of minimum dimension 9 mtr length x 9 mtr
width x 3 mtrs depth would be built with inlet-cum-outlet
and silt trap.

The project details have been designed in keeping with the extent of dry lands, rainfall and the farmers' economic
conditions in each taluk.

A maximum subsidy of Rs.9800 per unit would be paid by
the state government towards the cost of construction of
these hondas.



Selection of beneficiaries will be done by the Watershed Development Department official on the basis of technical feasibility. While selecting the beneficiaries, 40% have to be SC 1 ST farmers and the balance 60% to be marginal farmers (owning less than one hectare) and small farmers (owning less than 2 hectares). The cost of construction exceeding Rs.9,800 has to be borne by the beneficiary.



How does a Krishi Honda help a farmer's all-round economic development?

Stores water preventing it from draining away. Recharges ground water. Provides a good water source to crops and

Farmers can grow horticultural crops such as tamarind, jack, amla, lime and guava around the krishi honda.

Farmers can also grow Forest species such as jamun,
teak, silver oak etc.

lmporved varieties of fodder root slips Like signal, napier, guinea and rhodes could also be cultivated around these hondas to rovide fodder to the cattle.


Implementation of the Scheme

The Watershed Development Department with people's participation creates awareness about water management, rejuvenation and recharging of ground water among the villagers and encourage them to adopt krishi honda in their lands.

Invites applications from the interested farmers and the selection is done based on technical feasibility.
Implements the scheme under guidance from the technical experts of the department and with the
co-operation of the field level officers. Since the water is constantly stored in the honda during the monsoon months, farmers can also develop fish farming.



Watershed Development Department
7th Floor, K H B Complex,
Kaveri Bhavan, Bangalore - 560 009
Ph : 080 - 221 2 9601, 221 0 0670




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