Public Private Partnership for Integrated Agriculture Development (PPP-IAD)

       1 Expression of Interest New

       2.  Concept Note format

       3.  DPR format

       4.  RKVY_Guildlines_(XII_Plan)

       5.  PPP-IAD Guidelines (GoI)

       6.  PPP-IAD Guidelines (GoK)

       7.  Workshop held on 28.11.2017

       8.  Govt .Order  I - G.O No. KRUE 75 KRUUHE 2017, Bangalore dated 27-11-2017 on PPP-IAD Kannada

            Govt. Order II  - G.O No. AGD 75 AMS 2017, BENGALURU Dated 27.11.2017 on PPP-IAD English

       9.  Brochure

      10. Govt .Order - G.O No. KRUE 75 KRUUHE 2017, Bangalore dated 19-12-2017 on PMU and PPP-IAD Cell






National Watershed Programme for Rainfed Areas
River Valley Project
Drought Prone Area Development Programme
Desert  Development Programme
Integrated Wasteland Development Programme
Western Ghats Development Programme
Karnataka Watershed Development Project  (DANIDA)
NABARD Assisted Watershed Development Project
iwmp IWMP NET PLAN DPR 2009-10

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